Truth: In All Its Dimensions



The Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa) was a young man growing up in Mecca. There was no
anticipation of him being appointed as a Messenger of God. At the age of 40, Gabriel appeared and started to give him the message of Allah. He was confused and was not sure what this visit of Gabriel meant. He did not have any notion of becoming the Prophet of all peoples. However, even at the young age, he was known among his people as “The Truthful One.”

Throughout his youth, his dealing on all issues whether with his wife, children, neighbors or other people of town of Mecca clearly reflected that he was always truthful. He actually used this reputation of being the truthful one as proof that he could not possibly lie about receiving the message from Allah. He reminded his people that he had lived among them for forty years and they were a witness that he always told the truth.

Speaking truthfully is an attribute that is so fundamental that all Prophets not only practiced but also propagated to their followers. Commandment of Moses(as), “Thou shall not bear false witness” and the Holy Qur’an’s declaration, “Allah’s curse is upon the liars” are examples of the importance of being truthful. Holy Qur’an states that we should talk truthfully and straightforward. Straight talk means that not only what we speak should be truthful but there should not be any ambiguity or room for misinterpretation of truth.

In this issue the readers will find articles on various aspects of truth. It needs to be kept in mind that it is developing the quality of being truthful that will take us closer to the ultimate Truth, our Creator God.

Read the various articles in this volume: 2015_fall

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