Muslim Sunrise Publishes a New Volume: True Islam and the Extremists



In some political and religious circles it has been announced that a complete ban be put on all Muslims from entering our country. Their main concern is the presence of extremists among the Muslims, and they fear that they are a dangerous threat to the world. The extremists make horrendous attacks on civilized people in the name of their religion. Not only they kill innocent people, but also they mistreat their own women, disregard all basic human rights, and do not advocate freedom of conscience, religion and speech. They preach hatred, and excite their followers to revolt against their rulers. The fear of the extremists is so overwhelming that in the USA there are voices that want to put ban on everybody who is a Muslims, including those who are seeking immigration visas or want to visit the country as tourists.

No one denies the existence of the extremists among the Muslims of the world. But the vast majority of Muslims believe that the extremists are criminals and sinners, and they have nothing to do with the true teachings of the universal religion of Islam. According to the teachings of Islam, they need to be punished and reformed. Islam teaches sanctity of life, love and service to others, and protection of the freedom of religion and expression.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, for over 125 years, has been striving diligently to impart the true teachings of Islam. It forcefully condemns violence in any shape or form, for any reason. In the USA, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has launched campaigns such as ‘Muslims for Life’ and ‘Muslims for Loyalty’ to implement Islamic teachings into actions. As a result of the ‘Muslims for Life’ campaign, the Ahmadi Muslims are saving more than 30,000 lives each year through blood drives, and by way of ‘Muslims for Loyalty’ they are informing the general public that serving their country is integral to the Islamic faith. Presently, to further elucidate the peaceful teachings of Islām and to counter the ominous menace of extremism, a nationwide campaign ‘True Islam and the Extremists’ has been launched in the USA; the current edition of The Muslim Sunrise is dedicated to this theme.

This issue is presenting articles written to remove misconceptions about Islam that are upheld by Donald Trump, and many others. Topics such as Equality of Women, Freedom of Speech, Separation of Mosque and State, and other common myths about Islām, are included. We hope that this issue of the Muslim Sunrise will be a source of peace, and that it will help the future to be bright, based on a better understanding of Islam and ongoing respectful dialogue among the Muslims and followers of other faith-traditions.

On a separate note, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Falahud Din Shams for his outstanding services to the Muslim Sunrise. Under his able leadership as its Chief Editor or ten long years (2006-2016), the magazine made progress by leaps and bounds in various important directions, and it was transformed into a popular publication with contemporary design. He diligently oversaw the work of all departments, added new features, and ensured that each issue was published on time. Two special issues of the Muslim Sunrise were published under his leadership: one in Spanish and another for the new converts in Islam. Using the latest technology, he introduced a beautiful design, created a website that contains both archived and current issues. The magazine is now read by those in the forefront of scholarly and political circles in the USA.

Mubasher Ahmad

Chief Editor the Muslim Sunrise

Enjoy the volume: Muslim Sunrise Summer 2016 volume

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