Old volumes of the Muslim Sunrise going back to 1921

Year, Issue
2016, III Loving Your Neighbor
2016, II True Islam and the Extremists
2016, I The Dajjal/Antichrist
2015, IV Marriage: Foundation of Domestic Life
2015, III Truth
2015, II Chastity
2015, I Freedom of Speech
2014, IV Understanding True Khilafah
2014, III Imam Mahdi
2014, II Revelation
2014, I Service to Humanity
2013, IV Shariah
2013, III Angels of God
2013, II Creationism
2013, I Spiritual Enlightenment
2012, IV True Love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
2012, III The Path to Peace
2012, II In Defense of Islam: Confronting the Critics
2012, I Aztecs and Mayans: The End of an Empire
2011, IV 5 Questions: Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam
2011, III Holy Bible & Holy Quran
2011, II I Shall Cause Thy Message To Reach The Corners of The Earth
2011, I Islam and Our Environment
2010, IV Terrorism Has No Religion
2010, Spanish Spanish – Special Issue (Available from Publications Dept, AMI Silverspring, MD)
2010, Converts Special Issue for New Members (Available from Publications Dept, AMI Silverspring, MD)
2010, III Pakistan’s Black Friday – May 28, 2010
2010, II Zion, Illinois – A coincidence, or did the Hand of God touch this midwestern town?
2010, I An invitation to “Real” Secrets of the Holy Qur’an
2009, IV Holy Qur’an: Allah’s Words
2009, III Charity
2009, II Economic Chaos: Islamic Solutions
2009, I The Golden Age of Islam: Leadership through the Ages
2008, IV Change: The Muslim Perspective
2008, III Invitation to World Religions
2008, II Special issue on Khilafat
2008, I Forgive Me God for I Have Sinned
2007, IV Second Coming of the Messiah
2007, III Islamic Perspective on Government
2007, II Islam and American Society
2007, I God’s Prophets: A Rejoinder to US News and World Report’s ‘Mysteries of Faith: The Prophets’
2006, IV The Soul
2006, III The Holy Qur’an
2006, II The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him)
2006, I The Concept of God in World Religions
2004, III-IV The Cairo Debate: Muslim v. Christian on the True Story of Jesus Christ
2004, I-II Metaphorical Light, Literal Darkness: Christian Theology and Modern Scholarship
2003, IV Jesus in Inda: A review of world literature; Conditions of Bai’at (Initiation)
2003, III Jihad against a Just Ruler?
2003, II Prophets of God: Islamic View of the Prophecy Through Ages from Adam to Jesus
2003, I Knowledge of the Unseen: In Islam and Christianity
2002, IV The Holy Prophet Muhammad: An Essay by Imam M. A. Cheema
2002, III Islam: A Religion of Peace and Love: An Essay by Imam I. H. Kauser
2002, II The Prince of Peace; Homegrown terrorism
2001, I-II Promised Messiah’s Prayer Duel with Alexander Dowie; Address by M.M. Ahmad at Messiah 2000 Conference; Three Questions by a Christian Answered; Promised Messiah Destined to Receive Revelation
2000, I Jihad; Question of Suffering; Worship of God
1999, II-III  Jesus did not die on the Cross; Muhammad the Last Law Giver; Variation in the Bible; Gratitude; Hinduism; Anecdotes on Christians
1999, I  The Cursed Law and the False Gospel: A Response by Imam M. A. Cheema to The False Gospel of Islam by Ric Llewellen of the Fundamental Evangelistic Association of America
1998, III-IV  Knowledge and Education in Islam
1998, I  Concept of Unity in Islam; Exalted Status of the Seal of the Prophets; Jesus, Son of Mary; Matters of the Heart
1995, I-II  In the Light of Surah Fatihah; Christianity Today and the Coming of the Promised Messiah; Nature of Qur’anic Teachings; Understanding the Islamic Principle of Submission; Jihad in Islam;
1991, I  Relation of Prophet Muhammad to Other Religions; Miracles of the Promised Messiah; Jesus in Islam
1990, IV  Jehad against falsehood; Islamic laws of marriage; The Qur’an and Islam in Africa: the views of a Christian missionary by Tayler Lewis, LLD; Holy Prophet Muhammad as Khataman Nabiyyeen; Old, familiar Bible passages rewritten one more time by Marjorie Hyer; Why I believe in Islam by Patricia Shahid
1990, III
 Islam and Science by Dr. Abdus Salam; Overcoming Religious Prejudice by Sufi M.R. Bengalee; Islam: A Religion of Terrorism?; Leadership through Khilafat; Khataman Nabiyyeen Interpretations
1989, III  Islamic Response to Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses
1989, II  SPECIAL! Centenary Issue: Celebrating One Hundred Years of Ahmadiyya
1988, II  The Awaited One of All Ages; Beauties of Islam; Christianity Refuted in the Bible; Impact of the Holy Qur’an by Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad; Light from Majlis Irfan
1988, I  Exalted Status of the Holy Prophet; Ahmadiyya Martyrs; Muhammad: The New Hope; Why I believe in Islam
1987, III  Prophecies about the Promised Messiah; No Compulsion in Religion; Jesus’ Survival; A.I.D.S. Against Religious Background; From Church to Mosque; Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at
1987, II  Objectives and Achievements of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; Finality of Prophethood; Art and Music in Islam; Surrogate Mothers
1987, I  Power of Prayer; Revival of Islam; How I Captured the Truth by Maryam Saliha; Cultural Mix in Islam; Truth is One, Paths are Many by Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad; Muslim Contributions to Science; Westernization and Islam
1986, II  Promised Messiah for All Nations; Islamic Jihad; True Islam; Divine Message
1985, II  Islam and Peace; Islamic Values in Education
1985, I  Ahmadiyya and the Philosophy of Revival of Religion; Invitation to Islam
1984, I  William Safire’s Malicious Attack on Islam; Advent of the Reformer of our Age; Maulana Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad, New Missionary and National President
1983, III-IV  Current Trends in Islamic Thought; How to Uproot Evil: Some Suggestions; Ahmadiyya Beliefs: Some Allegations Removed; The First Muezzin; Which Islam?; The Vedas and the Quran; Jihad: Does it Mean Violence?; Science: The Islamic Legacy
1983, I  Democracy, Communism and Khilafat; Deity of jesus; The Role of Women in Islam; Light from the East; Jesus: The Messenger of Allah; Jesus in the Quran; Attitudes Towards Science and Islam;
1982, III  Coming of the Promised Messiah: A Global Spiritual Renaissance; Islam and Morals; Economic Concepts in Islam; Biblical Prophecies and Predictions Unfulfilled; Muslim Contribution to Science; Living with Islam; The World of Islam
1982, II  President Reagan’s Perception of Jihad in Islam; What is Sin?; Predestination in Islam; An Unprecedented Migration; The Fast of Ramadan; Islam and Peace: A Testimony; The Muslim Republics in the Soviet Union
1982, I  Islam’s Response to the Challenge of the Cancun Conference; The Concept of “Second Coming” in World Religions; New Research on Jesus, The Cross, and the Shroud of Turin; The Torah, the New Testament and the Quran; A Cursory Glance on the Bible
1981, III-IV  Assassination Attempt on the Pope’s Life; Islamic Concept of State; Perfect Guidance; From Cross to Kashmir; Good Morals; Islam Through Christian Eyes
1981, I-II  Sufism; Significance of Spiritual Values; Philosophy of Revelation; Entering the Gateway of Islam; Research on the Shroud of Turin Updated
1978, III  Islamic Attitude Towards Non-Muslims; Miracles of the Promised Messiah; Gleanings From the Press; Jesus of Nazareth; Islam and Its Growth in America
1978, I-II  One is the Human Spirit by Muhammad Zafrulla Khan; Glimpse into the Life of Prophet Muhammad by Imam A. U. Kaleem; Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?; Future of Judaism; Jewish Scholars and Historical Jesus; Book Reviews on Jesus Christ’s Life After Crucifixion
1977, III  Islam and World Peace; Observations by Khalil Nasir: Waiting for New Reformers and Messiahs, Biblical Interpretation; Problem of Occupied Lands and Israel’s Future; Deliverance from the Cross; Life Sketch of First Ahmadi Khalifa Nooruddin; Concept of Knowledge in the Holy Qur’an
1977, II  Better Understanding of Islam in the West; Jesus Did Not Die on the Cross; British Thelogians Say Jesus is not Divine; The Problem of Abortion and its Solution in Islam; Ahmadiyyat in the UK
1977, I  Sermons of Khalifatul Masih III, Hafiz Mirza Nasir Ahmad
1976, V  Special Convention Issue
1976, III-IV  Visit of Khalifatul Masih III to North America
1976, I-II  Blessings of Khilafah; A Universal Spiritual Revolution; Ahmadiyya in America; Toward Permanent World Peace; Slavery: Islamic and Christian Viewpoints
1975, IV  The Islamic concept of the human community; One is the human spirit; Golden deeds of present khalifa; History of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam in America; New World Order?
1975, II  The Holy Prophet Muhammad: The Perfect Exemplar; Advent of Muhammad Foretold; Muhammad, Unifier of Mankind; The Holy Qur’an: Perfect Guidance of Mankind; Prophet’s Day Celebration at London Mosque
1975, I   Ahmadi Beliefs; Syed Shahab Ahmad on Ahmadi Persecution; Not in the Name of Allah; Hajj and Jama’at Ahmadiyya; A Balanced View: Recognizing Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Services; Agony of 1974; On the Verdict of the Assembly
1974, III-IV Inaugural Address to Annual Convention by M M Ahmad; Islamic View on Conversion by Force; Victory of Islam and the Promise Messiah; Muslim Contribution to Modern Science
1974, I  A Message of Peace and a Word of Warning by Third Khalifa; The Fundamental Principles of Islam by Dr. Rab Nawaz Malik
1972, I  Allah: Unique Concept of God in Islam; Jehovah: True God or an Abomination?; The Nabteans: Remains of the People of Thamud
1971, IV  World Peace and Conference of Religions; How Abraham Sacrificed His Son; Supplication and Prayer; Jesus Did Not Die on The Cross
1971, III  Khalifatul Masih III’s Message to the 24th Annual Convention in Washington; What Hajj Is and Upon Whom it is Incumbent;
1971, II  Purpose of the Advent of the Promised Messiah; What Hajj Reminds Us; Purpose of Creation of Man; The Economic Structure of Islam
1971, I  To Sin is Human, To Forgive Divine; A Sign of Acceptance of Prayer; The Fundamentals of Peace
1970, IV  World Conference on Religion and Peace, Khalifatul Masih III’s Historic Tour Over West Africa;
1970, III  A Tidings and a Warning; The Future of Islam is Bound Up with Africa;
1970, II  Holy Prophet A Mercy for Mankind; Sacrifice, The Secret of National Success; Space Ventures Prophesied in the Quran; The Promised Messiah
1970, I  The Object of Man’s Creation; Islamic Economic System; Science and Religion
1969, IV  Mayor of Cleveland presents key to Ahmadiyya Community; Islam and Africa; Healings by the Prayers of the Promised Messiah
1969, I Islam the Best Religion; Important Arabic Sayings
1964, III  Citadel of Holiness; Why 400,000,000 follow Muhammad; Christian faith;
1959, III  Issue coming soon
1959, II  Revelation; Judaism and Islam; A new map of the Arab world; Open letter to the conscience of the West; Expansion of Islam in Africa
1958, IV Islam in Modern History; Arab-Israeli Cooperation; Islam and Free Interpretation by Zafrulla Khan
1958, III The Contribution of Islam to the Solution of the World’s Problems Today
1958, II Muslims in the Soviet Union (Russia); Ten Years of the Jewish Newsletter; The Universe: An Accident or Design? by Sir Khan (Pt 2); Islam in Japan; Shah Wali-Ullah: A Great Muslim Saint
1958, I Catholic Worries in Africa; Anti-Semitism in Reverse; Cancer and Drinking; Why I Believe in Islam; Plight of Russian Muslims; Development of Chemistry in Islam (Ibn Hayyan)
1957, IV Mosque in Germany; The Universe: An Accident or Design by Zarfulla Khan; Conflict in Algeria; Avicenna: The Universal Genius
1957, III Mosque in Holland; Toward Understanding the Middle East; What is Islam; Ar-Razi: An Eminent Physician in Islam History
1957, II Islam’s Contributions; Muslim-Christian Relations; Islam: The Perfect Religion; An Interpretation of Islam
1957, I Islamic Renaissance; Articles of Christian Faith; Did Virgin Mary Die?; Muslims in Soviet Russia; Two Days on Cross; God is Love; Islam and International Relations by Sir Khan; Israeli Citizen, Class B
1956, IV Islam and Foundations of Peace; The Virgin Birth; Freedom of Preaching and Political Entanglements; Islam and Human Rights; Mission in Spain; USSR (Russia) and Islam; Christian Missionaries in India
1956, III The Problems of Peace and the UN; Northern Churches and Racism; Significance of the Cross; Frontiers of Knowledge and Humanity’s Hope for the Future by Sir Khan; Our Daily Bread; Islam and the West; Islam in East Africa
1956, II  A Perfect Book; Russian Encyclopedia on Islam; Civilization on the Cross Roads (Pt 2) by Sir Khan; Man’s Quest for Community and Brotherhood; Religion and Science
1956, I Lord of the Worlds; Islam on State Functions; Polygamy; Faith V. Science; Vision at Vatican; Civilization at the Cross Roads (Pt 1) by Sir Khan; Christian Looks at Ahmadiyyat and Communism; Soviet Union (Russia); Middle East
1955, IV Eid al Adhia; Pope on Hell; Faith and Reason; Billy Graham; Nature of Qur’anic Teachings by Sir Khan; Islamic Values in Education; Toynbee and the Jews; Religion and Government in Pakistan; Morocco
1955, III The Exalted People; Islamic Concept of Man’s Place in the Universe (Pt 2) by Sir Khan; Islam: the Misunderstood Religion; Man’s Right to Knowledge and Islam; Unknown Christ; Religion and the Laboratory
1955, II  Gallup Poll and Belief in God; Segregation in the Churches; Islam’s Concept of Man’s Place in the Universe; Healing by Prayer; UN After Nine Years
1955, I Biblical Background of Islam; 300 Years of Jewish Immigration; Logic of Drinking; Mixed Congregations; Concept of Justice in Islam by Sir Khan; Peter’s Vision by Imam Orchard; Christian Hope; High Cost of Worship;
1954, IV Love Thy Neighbor; Christianity and Common Sense; Nature of Heaven and Hell; Nazarene Gospel; Catholics in World Council of Churches; Clerical Directory on Divorce; Pakistan and the UN; Christianity in India Under Fire; French in Morocco; Palestine Problem; Compromise in Faith; Islam as a Civilizing Force
1954, III Letter to World Council of Churches; Christian Drama; Anti-Semitism in Israel; Malan’s Apartheid; New Look in Pastoral Journalism; Women in World Council of Churches; New Manuscripts of the Bible; Islam and Marxism; Experiments in New Fields; Women in Islam
1954, II Jesus and Divorce; Zionist Designs in Palestine; Drinking in College, UK; West Africa; May Day as Christian Holiday; Christian Hope; Translation Principles of Standard Version; Muslims in Communist Countries; French in Algeria; Ibn Khaldun: Muslim Historian; Religious Promotions; Muslim Geographers and Explorers
1954, I Islamic Heritage and the UN; Muhamamd in the Bible; Value Judgements and the Study of Religions; Future of Pakistan; Al-Ghazali
1953, IV  Islam and International Relations; Challenge of Communism and Islam; CURRENT TOPICS: Marriage, divorce and the Church of England; American stake in the Middle East; Islam’s influence upon Western thought
1953, III Object of Life and How to Attain It; Significance of Eid al Adhia; Al-Biruni: A Great Muslim Scientist; Golden Age of Islam; Arab Refugees
1953, II Teachings to the Followers; Existence of God and the Holy Qur’an; Prophet of Islam by Sir Khan; Islam and Universal Brotherhood
1953, I Teachings to the Followers; Muhammad, Kindred of Humanity; Some Highlights on the New Testament; Jewish Christianity and Pauline Christianity
1952, IV  Islam and Communism; Democracy’s first line of defense; United Kingdom of Libya; CURRENT TOPICS: The West: Debtor to Islamic genius; Dangers of eating pork; Origins of Christianity
1952, III Communism and Democracy (Pt 4); Jesus in Heaven on Earth: A Review; Jesus in the Qur’an (Pt 3)
1952, II Communism and Democracy (Pt 3); Islam and World Affairs (Pt 3) by Sir Khan; Jesus in the Qur’an (Pt 2); Pakistan Foreign Minister’s Views on Disarmament; A.B.C. of Christology; Story of Resurrection
1952, I Second Advent of Jesus Christ and the New Testament (Pt 2); Prayer for the UN; Islam and World Affairs (Pt 2) by Sir Khan; Beware of Pork; Jesus in the Qur’an
1951, IV Second Advent of Jesus and the New Testament (Pt 1); Islam and World Affairs (Pt 1) by Sir Khan; Preaching of Islam in Indonesia
1951, III Pakistan’s Observations on Japanese Peace Treaty; Short Sketch of Muslim History (Pt 2) by Prof Abdus Salam; Forgotten Arab Refugees; Public Morality in America; Assumption of Mary
1951, II  Communism and Democracy (Pt 2); Islam and Peace; Color Prejudice in West Africa; Arab Refugees; Fanciful Falsehoods in the Bible; Christian Conscience and Modern Drinking; Short Sketch of Muslim History
1951, I  Communism and Democracy (Pt 1); Moral Principles as the Basis of Islamic Culture
1950, IV  Penal System in Islam; Islam and Peace; Muslim of Ceylon; Pakistan and the UN; The Assumption of Mary: A Believers Explanation of the New Catholic Dogma; Equity in Islam; Book Reviews
1950, III  Religious Life in Pakistan; My Faith by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Role of Muslim Women in Arab History; Suppression of Civil Liberties in India; Islam v. Communism; Historical Role of Muhammad; A Message from Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq
1950, II  New Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam; Religion and Its Function; Fasting in Islam; Muslim Attitude Toward Christians; Tolerance in Islam; A Vindication of Islam in America
1950, I  The Nature of Prayer; Islam and Religious Tolerance; A Word to the Church; Non-Muslims Under Islamic Government; Orders from the Vatican; Our Magazine Changes its Name; Book Reviews
1949, IV  A Message to the [American] Ahmadi Muslims by Khalifatul Masih II; Fundamentals of an Islamic State; Mankind: One Community; Solution of Color Prejudice; Islam in Africa
1949, III  Who is a Perfectly Righteous Muslim?; Hajj: The Pilgrimage to Mecca; Structure of Muslim Society in Inner Mongolia; Book Review
1949, II  The Existence of God; Islam on War and Peace; Bodily Resurrection of Jesus; Islam in Pakistan and India; Objectives Resolution (Pakistan’s charter); Crimes in England; Book Review
1949, I  The State of Church in the Present World; The Fulfillment of Abraham’s Prayer; Future of Islam in Pakistan; Indonesia in World Affairs; Among the Periodicals: Miracles of Jesus, Immorality in Great Britain; Disagreement in the Bible; No Place for Divorce in the Church; Book Review
1948, IV  Ahmadiyyat Opens a New Chapter in America; First Martyr of Islam in America; Social Aspect of Islamic Teaching; Arab Refugees; Catholic Dogma in the Making; Verdict on Divorce; New Moslem Dominion, Pakistan; Former Dean of St. Paul’s on the Bible
1948, III  Islam Gives a New World Order; Contradiction in the New Testament; An American Journalist Looks at Pakistan; U.S. Government’s Role in Creation of Zionist State; Church: Wilful Violator of Minority Rights; Prayers of 11 Faiths; God is Love
1948, II  Agony of Kashmir; Language of the New Testament; Influence of Qur’an on the Moslems; Church Cannot Blush; Ethics and the Development of Christian Religion
1948, I  The Laws of Distribution of Wealth in Islam; Farewell to Sufi M.R. Bengalee; Peace Can be Saved Through Islam; The Palestine Problem; India-Pakistan Dispute on Kashmir; Significance of Hadith; Get-Together Pleader; Segregation in the Christian Church; How Islam Abolished Slavery; Christianity in Amerca
1947, II-III  Islamic Economic System; Toward Islam (Sufi M.R. Bengalee); What is Wrong with U.N.O.?; Russian Influence in Arab Lands; Welcome to Ch. Ghulam Yasin; Why Bloodshed in India?; Religion in England; Book Review: Who Crucifed Christ?; Significant Parallels (Contd); World Troubles and the Way Out
1947, I  Islamic Economic System; Democracy in Islam; Modern Turkey; The Sudan and Egypt; Significant Parallels by Maulvi Sher Ali, BA; Divorce in England; Shortage of Men
1946, IV  Islam and World Peace (Contd); Science and the Eistence of God; The Case for the Arabs; Our Divorce Courts Reach Record; A New Biography of Muhammad
1946, III  Beautiful Names of God; Islam and World Peace by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Islamic vs. Capitalistic and Communistic Systems of Economics; Islam and its Ideals; Welcome to Mirza Munawar Ahmad; Arab Nationalism and the Mufti of Jerusalem
1946, II  Welcome to Khalil Ahmad Nasir; Life and Work of the Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement (Contd); Ethiopia Today; The Renunciation of Self; Russia and Iran; Russia and Turkey; Kurdistan
1946, I  The Renunciation of Self; Jesus’ Journey to India According to Buddhist Records; Unity of Arab Nations; King Ibn Saud’s Letter to President Roosevelt; Democracy for Palestine; Turkey in WWII
1945, IV  Oil Guides Saudi Arabia’s Future; Confucianism; Life and Work of the Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Ahmadiyya Mission House in Lagos; I Like Me, a poem; No Russian Democracy; Threat of the Atomic Bomb; India as Creditor; Arab Women on Palestine; Chronology of WWII
1945, III Islamic Principles of World Reconstruction; Communal Issues in India by Sir Khan; Blessings of Ramadhan; New Arab Federation; Kutub Minar; Bookshelf
1945, II The New Order; A New Plan for India by Sir Khan; The Next Step in India; Palestine Problem; Liquor Traffic in America
1945, I God is Everything; The New Order; Cultural Influence of Islam in India; A Mighty Prophecy; Noah; Religion in Russia; Hills; Mighty Prophecies
1944, IV Al-Ghazzali; History of Christmas; Turkey and the Soviet Union; Economic Potentiality of India; Religion in America; Peasant Life in Afghanistan; World Troubles and the Way Out
1944, III Alchemy of Happiness; Islam and World Peace; Pan-Arab Movement; How Islam was Spread
1944, II Secret of Sacrifice in Eid al Adhia; Love of God; Palestine; India’s War Effort and Its Significance; Japan’s War on Christianity; My Hand in God’s; Fundamental Teachings of Islam
1944, I Perfect Religion: Its Characteristics; Muhammad, the Liberator of Women; Ten Rules of Conduct; Mussolini on Trial; Triumph of Islamic Ethics; The Bengal Famine
1943, IV Alchemy of Happiness; Shortage of Husbands; Lesson of Syria; Islam on World Peace
1943, III Alchemy of Happiness; Taoism; Fast of Ramadhan; Islamic Method of Slaughter (Halal); Blot on the Good Name of America; Turkey, a New Nation
1943, II Questions about God; Facts and Forces; Alchemy of Happiness; Islam and the Post-War World; Islamic Culture; A Raprochment with Islam
1943, I Mosque and the Church; Islam, My Only Choice; “All Men Are Created Equal”; Palestine–The Arab View; Ethiopia Today; First Ahmadiyya Mosque; Book Reviews
1942, IV Supreme Forgiveness by Sufi M.R. Bengalee; An Address by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Islamic Principles on the Post War Reconstruction; Spirit of Islamic Culture; Reveal Nazi Steps to Kill Christianity; Islam the Universal Religion
1942, III Spirit of Islamic Culture; Morning Call to Prayer; Mighty Prophecies; Facts and Forces; Mankind at the Crossroads
1942, II Soul of Islamic Worship; Best Way to Win War; Facts and Forces; Right to Property; Philosophy of Sin; Life of Muhammad
1942, I Islamic Conception of God; Toward Islam; Facts and Forces; Philosophy of Ablution (Wudu); Arabic Poem; Muhammad by Omar Cleveland; Comments on the Life of Muhammad by H.G. Young
1941, II What is the Meaning of “Union with God”?; Foundations for a New World Order; Dawn of Islam by Sufi M.R. Bengalee; Nutritional Value of Pork; Muslim Population of the World; Ideals of Islam by Omar Cleveland
1941, I Tomb of Akbar Shah; Why I Believe in Islam; Christianity Versus Atheism; Ethiopia and Italy; France and Her Empire; Lajna Ima-Illah; The Step-Mother Complex
1940, IV Alhambra; How Can Mankind Be Saved from Destruction? by Sir Zafrulla Khan; Pork as the Victor of Fatal Disease; The Case for Chastity; Means of Moral Improvement; Islam, the Religion of Peace; Holy Qur’an
1940, III Mosque of Kait-Bey; Fast of Ramadhan; Changing of the Qibla; Prayers of Eleven Faiths; Today by Omar Cleveland; Western Writers on the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Islam; Life After Death; M.M. Sadiq’s Message to the American People
1940, II Taj Mahal; Trust in God; Farewell Sermon of the Holy Prophet; Facts and Forces; Hajj (Pilgrimage); Khilafat Jubilee Celebration; Ahmadiyya Movement Encricles the Globe; Press Notices; Diseases Transmitted by Pork; Zionism
1940, I Muhammad, the Liberator of Women; Activities of the Mosque in Chicago; Address Presented to Khalifatul Masih II on the Occasion of Khilafat Silver Jubilee; Holy Prophet Muhammad and World Peace; Happiness by Omar Cleveland
1939, IV How can International Peace be Secured?; Moral and Spiritual Reconstruction of the World; Why I Embraced Islam by Titus Smith; The Great Quest; Arabs of Palestine; the Ahmadiyya Movement by Sufi M.R. Bengalee
1939, III Existence of God; How I Embraced Islam by Mrs. Inez Cluff; Who Was Sacrificed: Ishmael or Isaac?: The Glory that was Spain; Future Religion of Mankind; Islamic Formulations and Expressions; In the Kaaba; Sec-Repression is a Monstrous Sin
1939, II A Qur’anic Hymm; Meccan Life of Prophet Muhammad; The World Drifts Toward Unity
1939, I Prophet Muhammad’s Accomplishments; Kemal Ataturk: A Life Sketch; Jewish Rights and Claims to Palestine; Values of the Holy Qur’an; Islamic Fellowship by Omar Cleveland
1938, III Islamic Conception of Private Ownership; Islam and Unity; Bible and Qur’an; Triumph of Peace and Brotherhood; Islam, the Greatest Integrating Force; Islam, a Universal Religion; Islamic Formulas and Expressions
1938, II Islamic Form of Government; Spiritual Aspect of Islam; Islam on Religious Peace; Eid al Adhia Celebrated in America; Kaaba at Mecca; Islam’s Contribution to Science and Civilization; Islam, the Greatest Integrating Force
1938, I Spirituality in Islam by Zafrulla Khan; Palestine Problem; Prophet Day; Why I Became a Muslim; A Lesson out of the Qur’an; Islam on International Relations; Was Islam Spread by the Sword?
1937, I To Our Readers; Relation of Man to God; Sir M. Zafrulla Khan and His Message to the World; Palestine Problem; Activities by Chicago Mosque; Islam’s Contribution to Science and Civilization; How Islam Cures Economic Ills; Muslim Architecture; Status of Woman in Islam
1935, IV  The Will; Prayer by Omar Cleveland; Points of interest in Muhammad’s career; Islam: the unity of religions; Education in Turkey; Arabia before Islam
1935, III Call to Truth; Keys to Moral Evolution; Toward Islam; Mohammed, the Desired of All Nations; Why I Am a Muslim by Omar Cleveland; Western Writers on Islam; Islam on Marriage; A Persian Ode; A Meeting at Chicago Mosque; Press Notices
1935, II The Lode Star; Tomb of Jesus Christ; Islam and Brotherhood; Ahmadiyya Mission News; Awakening of Muslims in America; Corrrespondence; Address at Goodwill Program Station WWAE by Sufi M.R. Bengalee; Arabia Before Islam
1935, I Al Wasiyyat (The Will); Muhammad, the Modern Prophet; Prayer; Ahmadiyya News Abroad; Points of Interest in Muhammad’s Career; Islam-The Unity of Religions; Education in Turkey; Arabia Before Islam
1934, I-II  Teachings essential to be a true Muslim;
1934, III  The Lode Star; Islam promotes world unity, peace and progress; When history is fiction; Islam and brotherhood; Arabia under Ibn Saud; Muhammad: the modern prophet
1933, III-IV  Islam’s Message to America; Five pillars of Islam; Islam–The Solution of World Problems; Call of Islam; Islam and Science; Islamic Funeral Ceremonies; Modern Missionary Movement in Islam
1932-33, I-II Attributes of God; Soul’s Voice; Prophetic Mission of Muhammad; Islam’s Attitude Towards Christianity by Dr. Sadiq; Short Sketches from Qadian; Quest of Islam; Religion and Art; Tragedy of Prejudice; Two Slave Leadersof Islam: Bilal and Zaid; Tomb of Jesus
1931-32, III Islam and Liquor; Existence of God; Why I Became Muslim; Conquest of Fear; Light of Islam; Islam’s Contributions to Western Civilization; My Impressions of Qadian by Abdullah Scott; Muhammad’s Character
1931-32, II In Justice to Islam by Enrico Flory; The Guides of Islam; Is Faith in God Necessary?; What is Islam?; Ahmadiyya Mission in America; Islamic Ideals; Muhammad at Medina
1931-32, I  Religion and science; Islam on economic justice; The Democracy in Islam; Islam and the religious mind; An Occidental looks at an Oriental religion; What is Islam?; The tomb of Jesus Christ; Western writers on Islam
1930, II  Object of man’s life; State of human soul after death; Was Islam spread by the sword?; God and the prophets; Islam’s moral code; Purity of heart is key to happiness; Sincerity; Sense about Islam; Beauties of Islam
1930, I  Muhammad – The Liberator of Women; Why I am a Mohammedan; What Would Muhammad Say to Chicago; A Letter to the President and His Reply; The Secret of Happiness; Islam’s Gift to Me; Western Writers on Islam;
1924, II Mirza Bashir Ahmad; Worldly-Minded; What Messiah Says; Our Loyalty; Holy Manifestation; Matthew Examined; An Ode; Our Mission; Be a Muslim; Godless Civilization; Dr. Sadiq in Paris; Democracy in Islam; New Muslims; Impposibility of Unity; Beware Liberal Christians; Man a Liar; Swedenborgian Church
1924, I  Matthew [of Gospels] examined; Democracy in Islam; Be a Moslem; Godless civilization; Beware Liberal Christians; New Moslems; Impossibility of Unity
1923, IV Divine Love; Religion of Peace; London Eid Gathering; Reincarnation; Parable of Vineyard; Compulsory Polygamy; Learned Egyptian Explorer; Crescent or Cross; Why Pamper Them?; Honoring the Prophet; A Bogus Gospel; The Sabbath-When?; Prayer of Jesus; Tu Quo Que; Dr. Sadiq; Harding
1923, II-III Recent Word of God; Moslem America; Brief Report; New Converts; Press Notices; News Abroad; Moslem Prayers; Moslem History
1923, I Last 3 Chapters of Qur’an; Mauritius; Two to Meet; Four American Muslim Ladies; M.M. Sadiq; Call to Prayer; 14 Prophecies; Messiah Claims; Listen the Leader; City v. Country; Abdullah Omar; Missionary Epistles; Brief Report; Cross or Christ; East and West; Why Blame Jews; Christian Missionaries; Jesus no Divine; Dead Revived
1922, IV Message to Turks; 70 Commandments; Islam My Saviour; Jesus and Modern Christians; At the Feet of the Master; Bible Not Oldest; Why Men Go Wrong; Existence of God; Swine’s Flesh; Arabic Phrases; Catechism; Poor John; Mormons; The Turk
1922, III Imperative Commandments; Challenge to the Christian World; Shaikh Abdullah Allah Din (J.L. Mott); Jesus on the Cross; Real Enemies of the Bible; Jesus’ Tomb; Press Notices; Blind West; Pope’s Letter
1922, II New Converts to Islam; Prophet Muhammad; Significant Sayings of Famous Men; Don’t Be a Hypocrite; Forty Don’ts from the Qur’an; Significance of Bai’at; Word of Tribute from a Christian;
1922, I  Prohbition of Prohibition in America; Truths about Islam; Mohammedanism in America; Poem by Sister Rahatullah
1921, II  First American Ahmadi Muslim; Advice to the Muhammadans in America; A Day at Qadian; Report of Missionary Work in America; The Only Solution of Color Prejudice; I do not Blame the Bible
1921, I  Inaugural issue of the Moslem Sunrise, published under founding editor, Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq